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 Invest in Your Health So You Can Rock Your Relationships, Career, and LIFE with the
Inside Out Wellness Method 

The Inside Out Wellness Coaching Method
is hands-down the most effective way to achieve the joy you deserve for your body & mind without feeling overwhelmed or over it.

Work one-on-one with a Heart-Centered Wellness Professional, Certified in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change to ignite & finally maintain momentum in your health!! Go from "this is a chore" to "I got this! Score!!"

Made-for-the-masses meal plans, fitness routines, and meditation apps may have gotten you started, but a customized plan & encouraging accountability with a Total Wellness Expert is what will keep you going!!


Inside Out Wellness Coaching is the fastest way to confidently build & consistently show up for a Total Wellness Lifestyle based on YOUR specific personality, schedule, goals, and moods.

And when you super-charge your custom wellness plan with a proven method that includes genuine accountability & deep-rooted drive, your transformation becomes unstoppable!

Learn everything you need to know about creating & maintaining
a method of eating that gets results for

✅ Start building effective fitness routines you actually WANT to
show up for because they're FUN and they WORK!

✅ Discover the most effective methods of mindfulness & meditation
that work for YOUR thinking patterns & schedule!

Become a more confident & positive wellness maven!


Act fast! Join in March to get the
Smart Spring Special! Only 3 spots!

Normal price: $647 

Smart Spring Special: $497 for 6 sessions

*PLUS your choice of either the Eating Habits Mastery or Wellness By Design Programs for FREE!  

What You're Getting Inside The Inside Out Wellness Transformation Program:

The Inside Out Private Wellness Coaching Method guides you through the 4 phases of the proprietary, transformational M.I.N.D. Model:

  • Six 45-minute Private Wellness Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Personal Accountability & Motivation Texts
  • Duke Proprietary Personal Health Assessment
  • Your Choice of Total Wellness Categories: Food, Fitness,
    Focus, Friends & Family, Future
  • BONUS #1: Guide: Overcome the 9 Blackholes of Mindless Eating ($197 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Masterclass: 9 Simple Strategies for Stress Prevention ($247 Value)
  • BONUS #3: FREE Wellness Program! Your choice of Eating Habits Mastery or Wellness By Design



This is the foundational Self-Awareness phase of the transformational program. You must be crystal clear on what you want, why you want it, what's blocking you today, and how to get it moving forward.



Here's where Self-Compassion comes into play while building your personal wellness system. It's time to take action, but WITHOUT any sense of failure or defeat.



What will you hold onto? What must you let go of? By committing to lasting change, you'll finally experience true Self-Growth.

health wellness nutrition fitness mindfulness meditation



Congrats on creating your Personal Total Wellness System! You've had Self-Worth all along. In this final phase, you OWN IT!

You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to Ignore
Personal Wellness Guidance & Support!

  • Recent studies show that a whopping 92% of people who set New Year's goals never actually achieve them. Don't be in this group!
  • Behavioral lifestyle choices account for approximately 50% of premature deaths! While environmental factors, genetics, and access to care account for the rest. You are majorly in control!
  • Numerous scientific reports prove that you can reverse the age of your brain with the mindfulness techniques taught in this program! You want to be SHARP and remember EVERYTHING about this one life!
  • Even the GREATS like Tony Robbins, Brené Brown, Ph.D., Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jim Rohn, Abraham Hicks, Rachel Hollis - they ALL live out the mission that you must work from the INSIDE-OUT to transform your life! Stop working from the outside-in!

Don't just take it from me. Check out these life-changing success stories from women who transformed their feelings of frustration & failure to feelings of pride & resilience!  

"I was crying as I typed a message reaching out to Katie this fall. I was done with hiding from it all. Hiding what I ate from my husband, hiding snacks from my kids that I wanted only for myself, hiding in pictures, hiding purchases from again my husband, and hiding from myself. In just 9 weeks working with Katie one-on-one, I can honestly say I look & feel like the best version of myself I've truly ever been. I'm lighter, stronger, calmer, happier, and all around more confident. And just like Katie says, it happened from the inside out. Don't waste decades of time and tears on the wrong methods. Find yourself now with WholeHardy."  

Kristin J., Private Client

"I was feeling very discouraged about my ability to achieve any of my wellness goals, so I decided to give Katie's [Wellness By Design Method] a try. It was exactly what I needed to finally be consistent and make progress toward my health and fitness goals. Katie really helped me see how a negative mindset was undermining my progress and helped me form a more positive one around my vision of health. Her consistent support has helped me to make lasting change

Lauren S., Private Client  

"I can’t begin to describe how amazing Katie is. I approached her in a very dark and anxiety ridden moment in my life. I felt so lost, unmotivated, and unsure of how to handle it. Fast forward to now and I feel like a different person. She helped me organize and refocus my goals and then helped create a plan to put me on a path to accomplishing them. She is a master at her craft and she brought me back to life."  

— Anna F., Private Client 


Want MORE client success stories? You got it!

With the help of Wellness By Design, Lauren lost 50 pounds, got back to her pre-baby weight, started running again and is now running 5Ks and 10Ks!

Alicia was able to drop her "all or nothing" mindset, quit the "diet starts Monday" mentality. She now meditates EVERY night, and is fully & lovingly accepting herself again!

Kelly lost 10 pounds and became MUCH more mindful of her eating habits, gaining more control over her emotional eating and after-work + late-night snacking!

Amanda greatly reduced her stress, really calming down and giving herself so much grace. She made more time for her passion projects, and also completely gave up an old vice!

Within 3 weeks, my client in Colorado lost 3 pounds, started running again, enjoyed waking up early for yoga, and her pants actually felt LOOSE on Thanksgiving!

A recent Wellness By Design private session client LOVES plans & systems. She learned how to create her own, was driven to follow it, lost 10 pounds, and is glowing with positivity saying she feels like a totally different person!!!

"How Much Does Inside Out Wellness Coaching Cost?"

The mistake people make is they think the "do-it-yourself" route is cheaper. What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be.

Or worse...

...the costs associated with every "mistake" you make with a "failed" diet or fitness attempt. Health books, exercise programs and meditation apps will gladly take your money, and they might not even have a refund policy.

So next, people say, "Okay, just tell me exactly what to do and I'll do it."

Which is possible! You can hire a personal trainer and nutritionist and expect to pay $100-$500 per session.

If you're like me, you want to take advantage of a proven health transformation model like Inner Work Wellness without the risk and without the cost. The only solution is to MASTER YOUR WELLNESS YOURSELF.

This is your chance to learn from me (a health-nut, corporate-turned-entrepreneur mom with a Certification in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change from Duke Health + dozens of client success stories) so you can SKYROCKET your learning curve in little time.

And you can master the ENTIRE Inner Work Wellness System with the Private Transformational Coaching Program for just $497 for six 45-minute private sessions for this Smart Spring Special, PLUS your choice of the Eating Habits Mastery or Wellness By Design Programs for FREE!

Did Someone Say BONUSES?

Never invest in a wellness program without additional support. You may have fallen into that trap before... and how'd that work out for ya? ;-)

With the Inside Out Private Wellness Coaching Method, you get all of these super-charged bonuses to make your success INEVITABLE!

  • Duke Proprietary Personal Health Assessment (This is where the magic begins!!)
  • Weekly of Accountability & Motivation Texts (When you forget to do what you said you'd do, I'm right there to remind you.)
  • Wellness Guides & Masterclasses (To keep that motivation & momentum on lock!)
  • FREE Wellness Transformation Program (Take your health to the next level with either Eating Habits Mastery or Wellness By Design)


I thought so! We only have space for 3 new private clients for March 2021!  

Normal price: $647  

Smart Spring Special: $497 for 6 sessions

*PLUS your choice of the Eating Habits Mastery or Wellness By Design Programs for FREE!  

Who's the Wellness Wizard Behind
Inside Out Wellness Private Coaching?

Katie Hardy is a Wellness Expert for women who are totally o.v.e.r. made-for-the-masses diet & fitness programs.

Through her Inside Out Wellness Podcast, totally addictive bootcamps, toe-curling community programs, and breakthrough coaching sessions, she's here to show you how to deal with life's daily health-blockers. while getting more fit, calm, and beautiful faster than you can say, "Yowza!"

When she's not teaching health seekers how to create a life that's bursting with vitality & joy, Katie snuggles with sons Beau & Mack, laughs with hubs Andy, and co-preaches with her Wednesday night wine & church club -- all while scribbling mind-blowing mantras on every post-it she can get her left hand on.

Transform your body & mind into a vibrantly thriving LIFE at