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Different personalities approach health differently. You have a unique superpower that you must channel into your wellness actions so that This guide provides you with a basic routine that makes it easy to achieve that effortlessly perfect look for school, work, and any time in-between—and pull it off in just 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Proven Framework to create your personal Work-Life-Wellness Balance
  • Certified Method to create a healthier MIND to build your healthiest SELF.
  • Value-Packed Tips & Advice on how to take action TODAY.
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Personality Wellness is Based on Your Bio-Individuality & Enneagram Type


Learn the best way to eat, exercise, and find equanimity based on your Enneagram Number—an ancient personality typing system uncovering the motivations behind your behaviors. And I see an undeniable connection between your Enneagram Type and health state.


From eating habits mastery and managing mindless eating, to education on the pros of some eating methods and the cons of others. We'll cover which foods & drinks help & hurt your body & brain. And it's different for every. single. human.


You might yet not be able to control the first junk thought that pops in your mind, but you CAN control the second one. We'll explore Second Thought Wellness on top of mindfulness, meditation, and mantras—all specifically connected to your Ideal Health Self.


Workout routines go beyond what "season" of life you're in. If you're like most over-achievers, it needs to fit which WEEK of life you're in. We'll dig into the 5:2 Fitness Method and ABC Strategy of planning your weekly, balanced, nonnegotiable exercise plans.

Join 1,300+ subscribers working to fuel their passions & goals with personality-based wellness!


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