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The Inside Out Wellness Podcast Launches on May 20!!

And we're making it an EVENT!
Enter the giveaway below to win BLISSED OUT launch day prizes! Free Breakthrough Sessions, Pretty Planners, Spiritual Stones, heck yeah! More details below on the launch party & what all to expect on the magical day of
Wednesday, May 20, 2020!!!

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Welcome to The Inside Out Wellness Podcast Launch Party Info Page!!

Here's what you need to know to win big on May 20!

What is The Inside Out Wellness Podcast?
A high-vibe, love-filled, weekly show featuring body & mind experts teaching you how to create a healthier MIND so you can build your healthiest SELF. Week after week, former candy corn addict & forever a wellness junkie, Katie Hardy shows you how to confidently design & consistently show up for a Total Wellness Lifestyle based on your personality, schedule, and goals. Katie spills her realistic and effective perspective shifts & practices that she used to become a sought-after wellness expert - all while juggling work, kids, marriage, friends, passions, you name it.

Who's the host of this binge-worthy audio wellness jam?

Your girl Katie Hardy! Duke Certified in Integrative Wellness & Behavior Change. Creator of the Inside Out Wellness Method. Founder of, WholeHardy Health LLC, and transformational programs such as Wellness By Design, Eating Habits Mastery, and the 90-Day Accelerator Total Wellness Private Coaching Program.

I want to listen right NOW!
You could win early access to the first episode!!! In the meantime, there will be not just one, but THREE episodes ready for your listening pleasure on Wednesday, May 20!!!

How can I win FREE cool wellness stuff for listening?

If you enter the giveaway at the top of this page, you'll get the deats on how to WIN BIG! You'll earn points for simply subscribing, rating, reviewing, downloading, and sharing. Enter the giveaway up top to receive the secret hashtag and start WINNING!!! Be sure to tag @WholeHardy on Instagram & Facebook, and DM your screenshots so you can earn those points!!

I love supporting Women in Wellness! How can I help??

Imagine a world full of women who felt ....

  • PROUD of themselves for everything they're capable of.
  • ENERGIZED with their consistent healthy food choices.
  • FULFILLED with their decadent indulgences.
  • STRONG with their empowering fitness routines.
  • CONFIDENT at parties, work, and even at home.
  • CENTERED & PRESENT with their effective mindset practices.

Imagine the ripple effect this would have into the lives of their families, friends, and communities. That's the mission of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast. By subscribing, sharing, and leaving a rating & review, you can help turn this vision into a reality.

When's the Launch Party again??

Wednesday, May 20 at NOON CT!!! We'll be doing an Instagram Live where you can request to go live with me and chat about the concepts in the first three episodes!! We'll talk about the giveaway rules, and winners will be announced LIVE on Friday May, 22!!

So what do you say? Are you IN for collecting all the Total Wellness secrets from The Inside Out Wellness Podcast? Are you ready to take back control of how you think about Food, Fitness, and Focus? Then enter the Blissed Out Giveaway and join us on
Wednesday, May 20 to listen to the first THREE episodes of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast!