I'm Katie Hardy, certified wellness
coach & mentor.


Oh that magical unicorn wellness plan ...

Do you ever feel like you can put this perfect wellness plan together: what your ultimate goal is, what you won’t eat, when you’ll workout, how you’ll find calm ... but then ... life happens? 😏

Sometimes work takes over. Or it doesn’t feel like your plan is even working. Or your motivation fizzles. Or you just... forget? 🤔

I know that scenario all too well. I used to make YEAR-LONG fitness & diet plans, tracking my planned weight loss, committing to 365-day meditation streaks ... all to lose steam only a few weeks in. 😕

What finally worked?

It wasn’t until I actually did the foundational INNER WORK and self-exploration that I was able to connect my health-craving PURPOSE to something bigger: My God-given PURPOSE. 🌈

It was THEN that I not only showed up consistently for my physical & mental health, but I showed up ENTHUSIASTICALLY!  🤸‍♀️ With more reason, determination, faith and BELIEF that I could undoubtedly achieve the optimal level of health that I so excitedly craved.

And now?

I’m passionately living out my purpose, while wholeheartedly THRIVING in health:

  • I love my body.
  • I'm proud of my weight.
  • I thoroughly enjoy pizza, wine, ice cream, chips ...
  • I do not workout every single day.
  • I consistently honor my mind, body, and spirit.

And I've helped dozens of women do the same:

Bodies Slimmed. Minds Calmed. Spirits Lit.

All in as little as 6 weeks, while still maintaining their results & efforts today.

And so can you with my proprietary Mind/Body/Spirit Connective Activation System - or more simply called: Healtheolgy.

Because here's the truth friend:

You can't keep flying blind into every nutrition or fitness trend you hear about.
Learning the crucial connection among your Mind, Body, and Spirit - and then intentionally & consistently activating them is the ONLY key I've found that unlocks women's happiest thoughts, healthiest bodies, and wisest spirits.

Whether it’s inner peace, outer strength, or all around self-respect that you’re craving ... you’re in luck. Because as a faith-inspired wellness mentor, I'm not only Certified in Integrative Wellness from Duke Health, but I was also recently named one of Chicago’s Top 25 Coaches by Chicago Entrepreneurs Magazine - and my clients & students meet with me 100% virtually.


Love your body sooner. Book a consult.

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A few of many success stories:

"As a former client of Katie's, I can tell you that she can help you transform your life. She helped me identify the things that triggered my unhealthy habit loops and ways to get out of them"
Alicia (Jupiter, FL)

"Working with Katie was exactly what I needed to finally be consistent and make progress  toward my health and fitness goals. Her consistent support has helped me to make lasting change."
Lauren (San Francisco, CA)

"Katie helped me organize and refocus my goals and then helped create a plan to put me on a path to accomplishing them. She is a master at her craft and she brought me back to life."
Anna (Littleton, CO)


1. Keep attempting various health trends.

2. Learn how we can customize your life-long, results-proven, Mind/Body/Spirit System.

A quick & free discovery call may be exactly what you need to get excited about getting healthy.


Meet Katie.

Katie Hardy is a professionally trained, faith-inspired wellness coach, speaker, wife, mom, budding author, and host of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast. She helps wellness deprived & spiritually intrigued women create Calm Minds, Healthy Bodies, and Activated Spirits so they can stop wasting their time & tears on what to eat, and start thriving in their God-given purposes.

As CEO & Founder of WholeHardy Health, LLC, Hardy’s mission is to flip the script on common culture’s health perspective from one of defeatedly chasing a size & weight, to one of Respecting your body, Renewing your mind, and Reigniting your spirit.

Hardy’s proprietary method called Healtheology teaches you how to get mentally, physically, and spiritually fit using theories & practices proven in neuroscience, biology, and theology.

Recently honored as one of Chicago's Top 25 Coaches by Chicago Entrepreneurs Magazine, and with certifications and training from Duke Integrative Medicine, mindbodygreen, Fit4Mom, Community Christian Church, and more, Hardy serves up the virtual, inside out wellness tools you need to create a life of vitality & grace at WholeHardy.com, @WholeHardy on social media, and The Inside Out Wellness Podcast.

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